The "wavy" and "bumpy" part of the various SUP sports

This section covers all the parts of SUP taking part in the surf. For now this only consists of SUP surfing and may hold sections for SUP foil surfing and SUP downwinding. For now we’ll start with the Swiss SUP Surf Championships and some other epic events to be announced. Stay tuned!

Upcoming Surf Events

Upcoming Events

Swiss SUP Surfing Championships

Swiss SUP Surfing Championships

The Swiss SUP Surfing Championships will take place between October 9th - 16th during the Swiss Surfing Championships (SSC) of Swiss Surfing Association. The same rules and FAQ as for the SSC are valid, appart that you will have to use a paddle obviously 🤙


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Exclusive SUP Surf Days at Alaïa Bay

We're stoked to announce the first SUP surf days at Alaïa Bay. During the official Alaïa Bay opening SUP Suisse members will get the exclusive oppurtunity to surf the awesome wave.

We just recently startet our surfing team, the list will grow longer soon! For now we accept applications of previous surfers ranked 1 - 3 at previous Swiss SUP Surfing Championships.

National SUP surfing team

Nick Crettenand