Steeve Fleury surfing during the Swiss SUP Surfing Championship 2019

Welcome Nick and SUP surf related section added

We’re really glad to welcome Nick Crettenand to our team. We started working on the SUP surf-related topics as well, which he’ll be in charge of.

We’ve been working to include SUP surfing into our portfolio from the start. With great pleasure, we introduce Nick as responsible for SUP surfing in SUP Suisse. Nick will take care of everything SUP surf-related, in the ocean, and in Switzerland.

At once we would like to announce the Swiss SUP Surfing Championship together with the Swiss SUP Surfing Championship in Loredo, Spain. To learn more about the event, please use the link above.

In this matter, we’re introducing a new membership for all SUP surfers. The “Active Surf” membership will be positioned between “Active” and “Active Plus”. “Active Surf” members will be eligible to take part in all surfing-related events and the Swiss SUP Surfing Championship. Please see our membership page.

SUP Surfing

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