First SUP Suisse Tryouts

First National Team Tryouts

On March 27th the first tryouts in Swiss SUP history took place. During the whole day multiple qualifications were rund to give athletes the opportunity to qualify.

During our national team tryouts, our prospects met at 9 am. After a quick introduction, the athletes went for a warmup, then paddled a 2k distance, and after a short break a 200m sprint. During lunchtime Lidvina, Andi and Florian presented the SUP Suisse project and the road to the ICF Worlds.

In the afternoon each athlete had to paddle a 5k round course. The times from all these runs were later analyzed and the athletes were categorized into three different teams (A-C).

We’re looking back to a very sporty day with loads of exchange of expertise between our athletes. It was great to see athletes from the German and the French-speaking part of Switzerland. We hope to welcome athletes from Italian speaking part soon.

Please find some impressions of the day at the bottom of this page.

Future National Team Tryouts

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First National Team Tryouts 2021