Why English?

We often get asked, “Why do you communicate in English?”. Wieso nicht in Deutsch? Pourquoi pas en français? Perchè non in italiano? - Well, you see, that’s precisely the challenge.

Our goal is to unite Swiss paddlers, and therefore, we want to treat all regions and languages equally. This would mean that we would have to have all our text in at least three languages. As we are running this association during our spare time and we do not earn any money from it, this is simply too much to handle.

If we communicate only in one of Switzerland’s languages, the other two regions get upset. So which language then? As soon as we leave Switzerland with the national team, we have to speak English (almost everywhere) anyway. Our brand contacts work with clients worldwide as well. Therefore English was the most common choice.

We are working towards having everything in Switzerland’s major three languages, but it’s not a priority right now. For significant events (like the Swiss Championships), we will have the event info in English and the language of the location.

We are sorry if you feel upset by this decision. Still, we are also sure you understand this decision as we like to get the most of our spare time spent for the association. We will always be here for you and try to explain content you could not understand in your language.