Swiss SUP Surfing Championships

Swiss SUP Surfing Championships

The Swiss SUP Surfing Championships will take place between October 9th - 16th during the Swiss Surfing Championships (SSC) of Swiss Surfing Association. The same rules and FAQ as for the SSC are valid, appart that you will have to use a paddle obviously 🤙


Detailed program and registration to be announced. Waiting period 9th - 16th.

  • only for Swiss passport holders
  • only for SUP Suisse membership “Active Surf” or “Active Plus” (Swiss Surfing Association membership mandatory)
  • only 8 spots available

Lay Day Program

During the lay days we plan to hold follwing activities. Anybody can take part in these activity, a small participation fee may be charged.

  • Technical SUP race BOP style, ~5k (for fun, no serious prices)
  • SUP foil surfing competition (for fun, no serious prices)
  • Fun SUP inflatable race (boards provided, for fun obviously)
  • SUP surf and foil testing gear available on site


  • October 7th 24:00: Registration deadline
  • October 10th: Check-in for competition, Plea Beach House
  • October 10th: Riders Meeting, Plea Beach House
  • October 11 - 15: Competition, Playa de Somo
  • October 11 - 15: Lay-day program, Playa de Somo
  • Last day of competition: Price giving ceremony and night of the champs


It is very important to follow these steps. Otherwise, you might end up paying too much or not being registered at all.

  1. Become a SUP Suisse member (“Active Surf” or “Active Plus”). Find details and application for a membership here.
  2. Allow us and the SSA 1 - 5 days to process your membership request (it’s a manual task)
  3. Once you receive the membership email from SSA directly you’re all set to sign up for the competition
  4. Login to your SSA account
  5. Follow the link below to sign up for the competition
  6. Look for “SSC21 SUP”, if logged in successfully the price should drop from CHF 110 to CHF 60
  7. By the ticket(s)
  8. Let the world now you’re joining the #swisssupsurfingchampionships 🤙
Frequently asked questions

You asked, we answered!

A competition? I only SUP surf once a year in my vacations, do I have a chance?

Everybody has a chance. Even if the competition is the main focus of the event, meeting people and having a good time is inevitable. So no matter how good or bad you are, come to the SSC and enjoy a wonderful week SUP surfing with new and old friends!

I really don't want to compete

Ok, take your race board then! As a lay day program, we will host a technical race and some other fun SUP activities. Please contact us if you like to join.

How do I train for the championships?

Stay tuned! We are working on a pre-competition SUP surf session here in Switzerland.

Are there any activities besides SUP surfing?

Yes, please see the box “Lay Day Program” above. At the same time, the Swiss Surfing Association is having its Swiss Championships as well.

Will you have a girls category?

We hope so, we need at least 4 women competing.

Do I have to be a member to participate?

Yes, you have to be a member of SUP Suisse and SSA. If you are an “Active Surf” or “Active Plus” member, you are all set!

I have more questions!

Please see the FAQ at the bottom of the SSA website about the surf competition. If you still got questions, please contact us.